Do I have to follow other users?2018-11-16T07:13:58+00:00

No, you do not have to follow any users, just sit back and watch your profile grow!

Is it is safe to buy social service from SMMVilla?2018-11-16T07:12:01+00:00

Yes, SMMVilla is best for you. Because we offer safe, secure & user-friendly checkout process with verified business PayPal payment gateway.

How place order correctly?2018-11-16T07:34:05+00:00

It is very easy. Just follow these 4 Steps.

Simply select your desired package & click View Pricing!

Click “Add to Cart” and confirm your package.

Then proceed to checkout, there fill username/URL & email.

Before Proceed to PayPal must confirm your account is public.

Do you require my password?2018-11-16T07:35:21+00:00

No, simply just provide us a link or username for your social media profile/page.

How long will I start to see it take effect?2018-11-16T07:36:57+00:00

Some services such as Instagram Likes are instant after purchasing. Please note that large orders may take longer to be delivered.

What do I do in the rare occasion that followers Unfollow me?2018-11-16T07:38:12+00:00

This is highly unlikely however we always over deliver on followers at least 200+ in the rare case where you experience any losses of followers below your original purchase please email us with your username and purchase details up to 2 weeks after the purchase and we will replace them free of charge.