5 Ways to Know Instagram Algorithm and Get more Views

OK first of you must need to know that if you are promoting your business brand on Instagram then you must try to reach your brand more and more peoples. For doing this you just need to follow the algorithm of Instagram

You can say it’s our luck that they do not keep the algorithm secret. It really consists of the people’s priority (what user want to see).

Mean to say to need to post the content that peoples want to see. There are some ethical ways you can also call it ethical hacking that you can use achieve the goal. Some people buy Instagram followers to increase the profile presence on Instagram.

In this content, we are going to tell you some ways by which you can gain your views

way to hack instagram algorithum

What Is the Instagram Algorithm?

Before starting there are many questions that arise in your mind and we will answer your question with respect to time! one of most important question that arises is that what is Instagram’s algorithm? Technically, we say that it is a logical way to solve the problem by any computer resources like software etc. It consists of a textbook which contains the logic.

The second question that comes in mind that how does Instagram know that what other people prefer to watch? Hmm! But it is not complicated let’s take an example what you search on Instagram? Of course! You search the material that you like. Instagram use this search to find out your taste.

This is the working of the algorithm: It determines the behavior of the user and finds out the thing that user prefer to see.

  1. Post The Material When your followers online

Ok! Let’s see! You posted a great content but no one is online. Who will watch your contents? No one! Mean to say you have to post the content or post when your related follower come online.

When you post something then the algorithm show your post to some followers. If you become successful to create strong interest with Followers, Then Congrats! You are going to get more followers on Instagram. If you are not able to get their interest then they do not prefer your post.

  1. Give the followers what they want:

If you ask what is the best way to hack algorithm of Instagram then I will advise you to provide the content that the user wants. You just need to take care of user’s demand.

We guarantee you that you make a good interaction with the followers by doing this, this is the way you can be top on the feeds of follower’s priority.

What did peoples want to see? This will find out after looking your own post history

There is a feature in the Instagram that is known as Insight. This feature will help you to find out which post make the more interaction? This feature makes you able to find the post which has more interaction with the peoples past 6 months or past 1 year.

If you find out the posts which have more interaction which consist of some specific information then it is your follower’s priority.

  1. Instagram is Social Media, not a Commercial Media:

You log in to Instagram then what you want to see? You want to see the photos not commercial ads that’s why because it is a social media not commercial or business media.

So, Other peoples are also logged in for share their photos or something like this not to watch only commercial posts. That is the basic purpose of social media.

If your followers come to know that you are here only for your business then you may lose the followers. And it’s going to destroy your brand’s Image.

Take More Photo

  1. Usage of Hashtags:

There are too many ethical ways by which you can hack Instagram but the more efficient and easy way is using hashtags.

Did you know what is hashtag?  It is a feature of Instagram by which you can tag someone or by clicking on his hashtag you can find out what they have posted

Let me give you an example if you search about something like shopping you must use the hashtag with this like #shopping so if someone search shopping by this word the user will be able to see your all post which you tagged in with this word.

Simply, more use of hashtags more people engagement. And you will be able to make engagement that’s mean algorithm prioritize your posts more than others.

The only thing that you have to keep in your mind is that you have to tag those who are related to your contents otherwise this will be harmful

  1. Tag a Friend:

The technique that I’m going to tell you is the most net technique that can be used to hack Instagram’s algorithm. You can ask followers to tag one of his friends to your post.

First of all, you just need to post something that you think followers are interested. Then Ask the follower that engaged in your post to tag one of his/her friend in comments

By using this strategy you will be able to get more followers